Specialising in geometric abstraction, local artist Karri McPherson was recently commissioned by Grand Central Shopping Centre to bring colour to the walls of the centre. Customers are now able to enjoy murals in two different spaces, on Level 1 of the Retail Galleria and another in the BIG W Mall.

Grand Central Marketing Manager Marieke Bridgeman said McPherson’s work will be welcomed in and around the centre. “We’re really proud of the Culture Wall on Dent Street, which features a series of eight artworks representing women at work and drawing on Toowoomba’s pride in the numerous social strands that contribute to the fabric of our contemporary Toowoomba community. If you haven’t checked that out, it’s definitely worth a visit,” Bridgeman said. “There’s also art by Vans the Omega, Rone, Cherie Buttons, Eoin O’Connor, and KAB101 throughout the centre, along with various public art elements in our outdoor community space, Central Square.”

McPherson’s murals feature her signature abstract style and vibrant eye-catching shades. She said the inspiration behind her work stems from her love of both colour and composition. “Both the universality and timelessness of geometric art is fantastic as it lends itself to various  locations and I really enjoy the challenge of creating work that reflects the environment at each site,” McPherson said. “There are endless designs and colour combinations that I am yet to try and I am so excited to continue exploring this style!”

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