While others around Toowoomba were celebrating Halloween on October 31, community-based organisation CEDAR Centre hosted a collaborative dinner that celebrated the stories and ongoing learning of students.

Called Storybrook, a nod at Brook Street where CEDAR Centre is located, the dinner was held in the Community Hub with a mix of students and esteemed guests in attendance. Organised by CEDAR Centre’s Skilling Queenslanders for Work Engaging Communities for Learning students, Storybrook focused on personal stories shared by students from predominantly migrant, refugee and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Former student of CEDAR Centre and a guest speaker at Storybrook, Asif Rasheed, moved the crowd with his words. “It gave me the opportunity to be me – the person I’m supposed to be, and I’m so grateful for that,” he said.

With a focus on celebrating CEDAR Centre’s culture of ongoing learning and meaningful community interaction, Storybrook brought to the fore stories that showcased the positive influence of the Toowoomba community and further education at CEDAR Centre. CEDAR Centre encourages others from all backgrounds to take an assisted step towards further education. With their holistic approach and ability to meet everyone’s unique needs, CEDAR Centre is well placed to become part of this unique learning journey.

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