Year 11 TACAPS student Joseph Goh is an aspiring tech entrepreneur who has always been interested in computers, computer programming and web and app development.

Since commencing at TACAPS in 2006, Joseph Goh has articulated his ambition to break into tech industries in Australia and abroad in places like Silicon Valley.

As a Year 9 student, Joseph commenced development of a lost and found application dubbed FabFi. 

The app is designed to enable users to add lost and found functionality to items of clothing, books, computers, essentially any item that can potentially be lost.

“I got the idea for FabFi after seeing the amount of lost property at school.  The trouble with a normal nametag is that it can only identify the owner within the school community. FabFi functionality lets owners electronically tag their items and include a greater amount of information.”

Last year as part of the TACAPS Pathway Partners program, Joseph participated in the University of Southern Queensland’s Head Start initiative.

The purpose of Head Start is to encourage high achieving Year 10, 11 and 12 students to study one university subject during a semester, providing a more seamless transition into undergraduate courses and the opportunity to gain academic credit. 

It was also a chance for Joseph to look at potential career paths.

“These first year university courses have been really useful in allowing me to explore different interests and figure out what career path I want to take,” he said.

Not content to limit his endeavours to the tech realm, Joseph is actively engaged in the TACAPS performing arts and sporting curriculum.

Early this year Joseph was named Gill House Captain.

He is a member of the TACAPS Toowoomba Raiders U/16 first XI, in the Chapel Choir and has been cast in this year’s musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.