The Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) has commenced the operation of the Wivenhoe pipeline. Following the completion of commissioning activities, TRC Mayor Paul Antonio said the Council is sticking to its earlier announcement to begin operations from early April, whilst simultaneously, the Cressbrook Dam had fallen below the 40 per cent capacity trigger point.

“Under our current agreement, the pipeline can provide up to 10,000 millilitres a year to our supply,” he said. “By beginning operations now, we will be able to use about a third of this allocation prior to July when a new allocation will then become available, should we need it.”

The 38 kilometre long pipeline from Wivenhoe Dam provides security of supply to users connected to the Toowoomba bulk supply when rainfall in dam catchments is insufficient to maintain supply to meet the region’s growing needs. The idea of a pipeline from Wivenhoe Dam to Toowoomba was first presented by the State Government in 2009/2010. Approximately 10 years following its construction, TRC Water and Waste Committee Chair Councillor Nancy Sommerfield said the pipeline would now be used for its intended purposes. “The pipeline connecting to Wivenhoe Dam is part of our water storage plan and acts as a fourth dam to ensure the region’s water sustainability,” she said.

TRC Finance and Business Strategy Committee Chair Councillor Mike Williams said Council sets water pricing each year as a part of its budget. “Council will look to manage any additional costs through the usual budget processes with the aim of limiting impact on the community wherever possible,” he said.

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